Our company operates in the field of technical textiles for many years. We produce technical fabrics according to ISO 9001 standards for police, military ,workwear ,active sportswear and for tent with 4XF technology.

The fabrics produced with 4XF Technology offers a combination of features such as Waterproof, Flame Retardant, Stain-resistant, Breathability, Windproof.

Military training clothes are manufactured in different weights and composition and vary as polyester / cotton, nylon / cotton, 100% cotton ripstop camouflage.

Military Parka Fabrics for cold climates are produced from 100% polyester or 100% nylon which has three layer membranes in addition to windproof and highly water resistant features.

Military poncho fabrics are produced from 100% polyester or 100% nylon ripstop and coated with polyurethane (PU) to provide water-tightness.

Military ammunition vest and backpack fabrics are produced from 100% nylon or 100% polyester. High-level Performance is provided by PU coating to gain high strength and waterproof features.

Military fabrics for ballistic vests are produced from 100% or 100% nylon polyester. In addition to the wind-resistance and high strength it has non-flammable properties.

Fabrics for military boots are produced from Cordura and printed camouflage. They have waterproof and flame retardant specialities.

Police clothing fabrics are polyester/cotton, polyester/nylon or 100% cotton ripstop woven fabrics and colored plain navy or black.

Police parkas and coats fabrics are high water repellent fabrics. They are produced from 100% polyester or 100% nylon and have two-or three-layer membrane.


We are manufacturer of technical textile fabrics located in Istanbul/TURKEY.

I would like to introduce our SOFTSHELL fabrics to you.

TEPAS SOFTSHELL fabrics are consisting of 3-layer fabric by the technique of sandwich model.

The outer fabric has stain-resistant and water-sliding properties, which is provided by using a special technique. Due to the elastane in the structure, it is flexible and this feature enables ease of use.

Due to water-repellent outer fabric surface, water flows from the TEPAS Soft-shell’s surface. Thanks to a special manufacturing technique used in the production of TEPAŞ Soft-shell, water is pushed from the surface of the fabric. It prevents water from entering the pores. This feature remains fabric dry , thereby it doesn't make heaviness.

Due to the membrane positioned between the outer fabric and inner fabric, TEPAŞ Soft-shell gains waterproof and windproof properties.

In order to generate thermal insulation, an Interior fabric is produced from micro-polar which provides heat protection. With sandwich model, fabrics which is produced by 4XF technology, acquire a flexible structure, water permeability, wind proof, breathable, and stain resistance and flame retardant properties.

TEPAŞ Soft-shell produced by 4XF technology , contains all these features and enables great convenience and comfort.